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Feb 23, 2022

Jae Zee

Whether you plan to travel far, or stay in (or in front of Zoom!) the holidays are the perfect time to try out and show off a new hairstyle. Remember how much fun it used to be to play dress up? Having fun with your hair is the grown-up version of that, and a playful form of self-care. You can match your hair to your dress, like pairing voluptuous curls with a ruffly, feminine dress, or wearing a sleek and straight style to match your bodycon mini.  But if you don’t have time to shop, switching up your hair and wearing the same little black dress will still turn heads, leaving everyone wondering, “how does she do it?”  Below, we’ve captured the holiday styles we’re most excited about and plan to use this holiday season.

1.   Big, big, big

The bigger the party, the bigger the hair. That’s our rule, and maybe it should be yours. Don’t be afraid to stand out! Lots of volume will make you the star of the show. 

 For the most volume, we recommend using wavy extensions or wigs, but you can also gently shape large curls by using a curling iron before brushing them out with a wide-tooth comb and fixing with hairspray. Yummy offers a range of wavy hair products, from clip-ins to wigs and in a variety of lengths.   

2.   White-blond curls

We can’t help it: when there's snow on the ground, there’s something extra magical about lightening your hair, mirroring the frost on the ground with a halo of light curls. Luckily you don’t have to use bleach or dye and risk damaging your natural hair to make this happen.

 For this frosty look, we suggest Yummy’s Full Lace, Raw Cambodian Blonde Wavy Wig. Though you can customize the color with this one, we recommend enjoying the light blonde color for a while first!

3.   Slicked-back pouf

Does anyone else get tired of pushing their hair out of their face when they’re getting down on the dance floor? Want the glamor of big hair…without hair everywhere? This style offers everyone the best of both worlds. This style looks great with long or short hair, but make sure you’re working with plenty of volume. To achieve this look, slick hair back from the crown of the head with gel, and fix in place above the nape of the neck with bobby pins, a silk scrunchy, or even a scarf.  Use a brush to gently fluff and tease out curls. For this look, check out Yummy’s curly hair products, at whatever length you prefer.

4.   The Half-Up Do


This is probably our favorite, simple style to show off cascading, long hair, and it’s always a showstopper. This looks gorgeous with a short bob, too, but with long locks there’s so much more to show off. Try it with Yummy’s wavy extensions, and take a look at our length guide for guidance on choosing the right length for you.

To achieve this look simply curl hair ends so they are finished as you would like. Spray a small amount of hair spray to prevent hair from slipping, and let it set. Using your fingers, pull hair above the temples back and into your hands, twist gently twice, and pin against the back of the head using bobby pins, making sure to push the hair up slightly so you achieve volume at the top of the head. Voila!

5.   The ‘Fro-Hawk


The fro-hawk is arguably our favorite, truly new style we’ve noticed in recent years, and with it, you’re likely to stand out.  The volume of this one is perfect for curls - try it with Yummy’s coveted Virgin Deep Curl.  To achieve this look, divide hair into sections, and tie up with gentle and non-tangling elastic bands.  Use a wide-tooth comb to gently fluff out curls for more volume. The secret ingredient for all of these styles?  Of course, it’s Yummy hair. Why? Because we carry ONLY the highest quality virgin hair with no synthetic fibers, and we maintain obsessively high standards. Yummy girls are loyal customers, because they know that with Yummy, they’re getting the best.